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window caulking and perimeter caullking



Caulking of windows

We also re-caulk windows and in 

general use Sikaflex 295 with the 

corresponding primer. Pricing is

per linear foot

Call 786-853-1542

See video below


Deck re-caulking 

Recaulking and recutting teak deck

Recutting the groove perfectly straight using track saws for the perfect seal and look.

Call 786-853-1542

See video below

Teak deck sanding


Dust free teak resurfacing

Call 786-853-1542

See video below

Varnish work

We use Epifanes Yacht Coatings. 

We will discuss the project in detail before and during the work explaining the process and time schedule.

Call 786-853-1542

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